Do I need a DA?

While a new building such as a house or granny flat is likely to need a DA, every situation is unique.  Scroll down to our interactive streetscape, where we've highlighted some of the most common types of projects we’re asked about. In many cases, if you're able to meet set criteria, your project may be classed as “complying” or “exempt” and may mean you can proceed without a DA.

Still not sure? Complete our online form.  Your answers will help us understand your proposal so we can contact you with advice and to discuss next steps.

You can also visit the the Interactive Building Website for guidance on what types of projects may require a DA, or enter your details on the Electronic Housing Code website for specific information relating to your property. 

Thinking of running a business from home?  You may be surprised to find out that it's classed as an Exempt development.

That extra-handy extra undercover carparking space may well be classed as Exempt.

If you're thinking of building a secondary dwelling, which could well be for Granny, your plans may be Complying. 

If you're landscaping the garden, and need to install a retaining wall, check out how you can do this without approval.

Building a fence?  Variables like height will determine whether your project can be classed as Exempt.

Deck, patio, balcony, verandah... whatever you call your dream outdoor living space, factors like floor area, location and height will determine whether approval is needed. 

Looking to beat the heat?  It's likely you'll need to get approval first, but the size and location of your pool or spa will impact how your proposal is classified.

If you want to store water on your property by building a dam, you may need approval depending on its size and location.

If you're building and need temporary accommodation on your property, you may need approval first.

If you're moving an existing dwelling onto your property, you'll need approval first as well as a Construction Certificate.

Installing a rainwater tank can often be done as an Exempt development.

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