Manning Estuary, Coastline & Catchment Advisory Committee

The Committee is independent of Council and has representatives from different government and community groups. The committee meets quarterly.


The purpose of the committee is to;

  • Provide a forum where members can raise issues relating to coastal zone management in the Greater Taree area, and that relate to potential catchment issues impacting upon the coastal zone.
  • Provide a forum where members can seek input, guidance and support for activities relating to coastline and Manning catchment management.
  • Monitor progress of activities outlined in the Manning River Estuary Management Plan and Coastline Management Plans prepared by Council.
  • Provide a forum for information and feedback on the review or formation or key plans and strategies relating to coast, estuary or catchment management by any agency.
  • Facilitate an understanding amongst committee members of current and future potential coastal zone issues.
  • Coordinate an advocacy role where required, that member organisations may present a united argument on local issues. Representation on issues will be made by unanimous vote of the committee only.
  • Respond to relevant legislative changes.
  • Provide current information on estuary, coast and catchment management issues to the wider public via the mechanisms of Committee members, and a Committee web page to be hosted by Council.