Four years sees major changes

The past four years have seen more change at GTCC than ever before.

We've put a great deal of effort into modernising our practice, improving our culture and customer relations and focusing on delivering services that are efficient and add value to our community.

We haven't often seen a balanced budget, but significant service reviews and efficiencies gained in the last four years have meant the current council will place a budget with a surplus of $3,972,467 on public exhibition.

What's changed we hear you ask?

For starters, we underwent a significant restructure in 2010 that resulted in the lean management structure of today. We've also streamlined our processes, become a very tech savvy organisation and strive for continuous improvement.

Have a read of this article that outlines how far we've come and how we will continue onwards and upwards into the future: Four years sees major changes 

If you'd like to check out the independent report on our operational effectiveness that we mention in the article above, click here