Aviation Business Park

Thinking of moving your business into the area? Looking for a space to house your plane while on holiday? Why not take advantage of the Manning's brand new aviation business park!

Council have recently completed works on Taree Airport's aviation business park, developed with joint funding from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. The $3.1 million dollar facility will provide businesses and individuals the opportunity to secure hangar space in a major regional centre. On top of being an excellent opportunity for business and individuals in the aviation industry, the park will benefit the community at large by bringing more business and spending to our region. 

The aviation business park features twenty one lots which will be sold off in staged releases, with a handful available now. The typical size of these plots is around 850 square metres, which is ideal for a variety of business functions, including warehousing, recreational flight experiences, couriers, freight depots, or light manufacturing.

For information about how to secure a space, contact First National Commercial Shultz